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October 9, 2023

Climate Controlled Self Storage Units: Why Opting for One is a Smart Decision

Having trouble deciding between a standard self storage unit and a climate-controlled one? Many people tend to opt for the latter due to the extra protection it provides for their belongings. So, what exactly is a climate-controlled self storage unit, and why should you consider renting one? This blog post will discuss the many benefits of climate-controlled storage units, what types of items are best stored in them, and where you can typically find them on the premises of a storage facility.

First off, a climate-controlled storage unit is a type of storage unit that is kept at a consistent temperature and humidity level. They are usually located indoors and equipped with HVAC systems that regulate the temperature and humidity to keep belongings inside in a stable environment. While standard storage units are great for storing items that can handle temperature changes, climate-controlled units are ideal for storing items that require a more stable environment, such as delicate fabrics, artwork, electronics, wooden furniture, and antiques.

Extreme Weather

climate controlled storage units near me lufkin Climate-controlled self storage units also provide a significant advantage in extreme weather conditions, such as the heat in southern states or the severe cold in northern states. In hotter regions, the temperature inside a standard storage unit can rise to dangerous levels, resulting in warped wood, melted plastics or adhesives, and damaged electronics. Meanwhile, in colder climates, a shift in temperature can cause things like wood and leather to expand or contract, leading to cracks or permanent damage. By renting a climate-controlled unit, you can ensure your belongings are protected from such harsh elements.

For Preservation

Another reason why climate-controlled self storage units are a smart choice is that they can help preserve your valuables for longer periods. Humidity, in particular, can wreak havoc on items such as books, musical instruments, and vintage clothing. It can cause pages to stick together, wood to warp, and fabrics to mildew and rot. With a climate-controlled unit, you can keep the humidity at a controlled level, preventing damage to your belongings and prolonging their lifespan.

Located on the Premises

As for where you can typically find climate-controlled storage units on the premises of a storage facility, they are typically located indoors, either on the ground floor or on higher levels accessible by elevators or staircases. Some facilities are entirely climate-controlled, while others only have a few units available to rent, depending on the demand in the local area.

If you are looking to store items that are particularly fragile or valuable and want to ensure their protection, renting a climate-controlled self storage unit is a smart decision. They provide a stable environment that can withstand extreme weather conditions, prevent damage from humidity, and preserve your belongings for longer. Most facilities typically offer a variety of unit sizes and prices, and you can choose from either long-term or short-term rental options. So, if you are in need of extra storage space, consider the many benefits of a climate-controlled storage unit.

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