Need to Rent a U-haul, Cargo Trailer, or Utility Trailer

December 12, 2023

Move with Ease: Renting U-Haul Trucks and Trailers

Moving to a new place can be a challenging experience. Apart from packing your belongings, arranging transport can be another costly and time-consuming process. That’s why we offer U-Haul trucks, cargo trailers, and utility trailers, to make your moving experience seamless and affordable. Our quality trucks and trailers ensure that your belongings are safe and secure while in transit.

1. U-Haul Trucks:

Our U-Haul trucks are designed to move bulky items with ease. You can rent a truck for moves within the city, intercity, or even long-distance moves. The available sizes range from 10ft, 15ft, 17ft, 20ft, and 26ft trucks, making them versatile for various moving needs. Household items such as appliances, furniture, and electronics fit perfectly in our trucks. You can also fit up to 3 bedrooms in the truck while leaving enough space for additional items.

2. Cargo Trailers:

Cargo trailers are ideal for transporting items that cannot fit comfortably in a standard pickup truck. Our cargo trailers come in different sizes ranging from 4ft x 8ft to 6ft x 12ft. These trailers provide ample space for moving equipment, boxes, and other miscellaneous loads. They are equipped with a rear ramp for easy loading and unloading.

3. Utility Trailers:

Utility trailers are perfect for hauling heavy items such as furniture, motorcycles, and lawn mowers. Our utility trailers come with different weight capacities ranging from 2,000 lbs. to 6,000 lbs. These trailers come in handy when transporting bulky items that cannot fit in the bed of a truck.

Renting U-Haul trucks and trailers from us is an easy way to make your moving experience stress-free. Be sure to keep in mind that you will need to book earlier than later to ensure your exact truck or trailer is available for your move. With an array of truck and trailer sizes, you are guaranteed to find a rental option that fits your specific moving needs.

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